This is the Fan Media section.  Please, submit SILENT HILL MEDIA. I'd love to host any of your Silent Hill media here. All you have to do is Email me the audio, movie, pictures, or documents via the contact form on the home page and I'll add it on the next update. If there any tracks on here that are yours and not credited to you or credited wrongly, please let me know immediately so that I can add your name or make changes.

>>SEPTEMBER 19, 2012
Added a new album by Yoshimasu Kamiya HERE.

>>FEBRUARY 19, 2012
Added a new album by Peronmls HERE.

>> AUGUST 4, 2011

Added a new song by Peronmls.
It was removed and added to the album mentioned above.

>> FEBRUARY 9, 2009

Added SHAME, a SH audio remix album. HERE.

>> JUNE 22, 2008
Added a bunch of movies I made in the past 6 months.
- Reference to SH4 in Stay Alive
- SH1 Ambulance Ending Rumor Debunked
- A Night at the Hill 3
- Streets of Rage parody on SHO
- Never Gonna Keep Me Down - Parody to SH4
Find them all HERE.

Added a few song remixes by Anime47, Marko Lillepuu, and Pot Hocket.
Find them all HERE.

>> DECEMBER 25, 2007
Added 2 new songs by me, "Surviving" and "Liberate the Silence".
Added 2 new Theme of Laura Remixes by Tome 89 and Nordin.
New site design and layout, merry X-mas.

>> JUN 19 Added 10 new songs HERE!
>> NOV 8 A new video remix by Fungo!
>> OCT 18 Added two new Promise remixes HERE.
>> SEP 20 New video remixes by Rabids! HERE.
>> SEP 18 A new MIDI remix HERE.
>> SEP 18 Two new video remixes by ME HERE.
>> JULY 18 The video remixes are up!
>> JULY 9 2 new audio remixes!
>> JUNE 24 A new voice mix by Ant Vickers!
>> JUNE 9 Two new remixes. Thanks a lot!
>> MAY16 A new remix by Carl B? A trance/techno song of Room of Angel.
>> MAY 1 A bunch of new remixes by myse
lf and other people. Check 'em out!
>> APR 2 A funny voice mix from Silent Hill 1 by Infect3 called "The Demon" has been added to the library.
>> APR 1 Silent Hill Media Version 5 released!
>> FEB 19 Added a cover of the musicbox song by MusicMan!
>> NOV 1 Three more beautiful tracks by Bradley Thomas!
>> OCT 28 Three beautiful tracks submitted by Bradley Thomas, enjoy!
>> SEP 30 NEW SONG by MusicMan (aka Lt. Raziel), check it out!
>> SEP 27 Rewrote the code for this section.
>> SEP 27 FOUR new songs added by Fungo under Original.

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