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By FUNGO of Silent Hill Media
Liberate the Silence
No one would know, but this song stemmed from "Across the Lake" (or was it the other way around?). So I ended up having two completely different songs at the same time. This song is one of my favorites. I absolutely love the arrangement and chord progression of the piano, cello, and orchestra together. The beat makes me wonder if Akira Yamaoka would want to sample it. The main synth you hear at the beginning and end was certainly inspired by "Nightmarish Waltz" from Silent Hill 4.
A Mysterious Void of Hope
This one is no doubt inspired by the end result screen of Silent Hill 3 and this is the one I am most proud of. I believe this song was made for a fan-game, that got cancelled, as the result screen music. In a strange mix, It has spacey sounds coming together to form a melody accompanied by a big beat and a big orchestra that screams "victory!" The beat plays an important part in this song - part of the reasons I love this song so much.
Across the Lake
I feel like I was trying to do too much with this one, but it did end up being a fan favorite. It has a completely unique sound with familiar droning pads, strings, and piano, but the percussion is off-the-wall - a perfect mix sounding very similar to Silent Hill 3. I had an autoharp in this one as well, but it is not being played "normal". The cello carries the melody, which is a first for me.
I was trying something a little different with this one, focusing a lot more on bass than I was to create something with a nice piano and orchestra melody and also something unsettling at the same time. I put in some abnormal cellos to add the the strange vibe / beautiful arrangement mix. Of course I had the thought of an "instigator" in mind for this.
Make Me Feel
This is everyone's favorite song. It made it on Silent Hill Heaven's soundtrack. It has the "old-style" audio with a vinyl scratching, but it is one of the most beautiful songs that could have you looping and listening for hours. The drums and bassline are powerful in a dreary-sound of distorted piano and strings, almost reminiscent to Silent Hill 2's music. This is my 4th Silent Hill inspired song for the website.
The thing I remember most about this song is the really interesting beat. I've always had a knack at making percussion, but this is interesting. This song has a lot of pads and piano that changes chord structure half-way through to give a contrast between "fortune" and "misfortune". This was my 2nd song for the website.
Rum Red Rivers
The titles was inspired by The Shining's "Redrum" which is "Murder" spelt backwards. It has a very eerie sound from combining different pads and a progressive piano. The beat carries this song nicely with a few variations, one being cut-off filtered heavily. This is my 3rd song.
Midnight Walk
A beautiful melancholy arrangement of strings, pads, and piano. Has a very catchy melody and rhythm that'll have you looping the track over and over. With downsampled audio and a vinyl scratch, it almost sounds as if it's being played from a record. This is my very first Silent Hill inspired song and it was a success!
This song was originally worked on for a fan-game that production was ended on. It is one of my beloved songs - a beautiful song carried by an autoharp and complimented with some foreign sounds. There is a beat instilled with ticking clocks to give you a sense of urgency in the comforting environment that is filled with deep strings and rich piano. This is being completely remastered for Broken Notes at the moment.

Through the Fog - By Ralf T.
Child's Play- By Blackannis.
Lake Vision - By Blackannis.

Demon Speak - By Blackannis.
Daydream - By Nuix.
Orchestra for Silent Hill - By Anime47.
Promise Me Forever - By Anime47.
Sonata for Silent Hill - By Anime47

A variety of really well-mixed music and ambience inspired completely by Silent Hill.
This is a recommended download for ALL fans of SH's music. It's got a fresh and moody soundscape resonating with either etheral and melodic ambient or driving guitar riffs, and captivating drums that would impress even Yamaoka himself.
By Yoshimasu Kamiya


>>Silent Hill 1<<
Alessa (Silent Hill Main Theme Cover) - By Nuix.
Gjemt I Skyggene (SH Cover) - By Stillhet.
Remember Her (Not Tomorrow Remix) - By Jonn86.
Not Tomorrow (Ambient Remix) - By DirtyZ.
All the Good Girls - By The Wingless.
In the Dollhouse - By The Wingless.
Nay Tomorrow - By Tamimi.
Midwich - By RS3.
Search For Cheryl - By Children of the Monkey Machine.
White Claudia Rock - By K. Praslowicz.
Silent Hill Main Theme - By Broken Notes.
Silent Hill Main Theme (Cover) - By Stillhet.
Silent Bentonville - By Josh.
Not Tomorrow - By Marko Lillepuu.

>>Silent Hill 2<<
Laura's Theme - By Nordin.
Theme of Laura ('85 VG Mix) - Tome89.
Theme of Laura Acoustic - By MusicMan (aka Lt. Raziel).
MusicBox Acoustic - By MusicMan (aka Lt. Raziel)
Yanyma Gel (Promise Remix) - by Element.
Promise - By Everyone.
Promise - By The Red Devil Incident.
Promise - By Agentcarotte.
True (Its Gone Now Mix) - By Steve Pordon.
Music Box Remix - By Blackannis.
True Remix - By Blackannis.
Theme of Laura (Reprise) Remix - By Blackannis.
Theme of Laura (Reprise) Remix - By UNKNOWN.
Le Tourment de Laura - By MV Hellven.
There Was a Hole Here - By The Wingless.
Born From A Wish Remix - By DJMonster.
Remember Me - By Ezekiel Martyr.
Static Aversion - By UNKNOWN.
Betrayal (Maria James Remix) - By UNKNOWN.
New Promises - By Pot Hocket.

>>Silent Hill 3<<
Nightmarish Waltz - By Blackannis.
Agents of Silents - By DJ Baselord.
Cradel of Forest (Extended) - By Shade.

>>Silent Hill 4<<
Room of Angel (Carl B Remix) - By Carl B.

Chaos Theory - By DJ Siaye.
Intro - By Stillhet.
Not Tomorrow and Promise remixes - By David Burkey.
Silent Hill Horror Mix - By UNKNOWN.

A remix album of songs from SH1 through 3.
By Dispiacere. Click to view YouTube Playlist.


Philharmonic Suite No. 2 by Bradley Thomas
"A Tribute to Silent Hill"

01. Fugue
02. Welcome to Silent Hill
03. Fear of the Dark
04. Ending of a Dog Day
05. The Hell of Brookhaven
06. No Tomorrow

by Peronmls NEW
Using samples from Akira Yamoka along with new ariginal ambience

By FUNGO of Silent Hill Media
Henry A Team - By SH4: The Retarded.
Maria and James Kill Laura - By Ant Vickers.
Kaufmann's Rage - By Ant Vickers.
Wrong Number - By Ant Vickers.
The Demon - By Infect3.
Silent Hill 1991 - By Delbert Kluth.
Harry Mason Hardcore Remix - By Koebi.
Voice Battle - By Koebi.
Awakening of a World of Peace - By Koebi.
Stupid Harry - By Koebi.
Chainsaw Remix - By Koebi.
MC Harry - By UNKNOWN.
Spliced-2 - By UNKNOWN.
Not Tomorrow (Generations Remix) - By Knick Knack and psychoticpitmaster.
Not Tomorrow - By David Burkey
Promise - By David Burkey.

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