I took the liberty of adding a bunch of new videos. All are NEW.

[Floating Andrew Head]
As seen outside Henry's window. WMV 1.40MB

[Gum Heads Jumping]
As seen in the building world jumping above. WMV 638KB

[Tazer on Eileen's Big Head]
Her eyes light up when you taze her. WMV 2.98MB

[Shooting a Victim]
Never going to keep them down. WMV 1.28MB

[Burping Nurses]
Nurses burping and falling down stairs, a very good video. WMV 21.1MB

[Tazing Apes]
I taze three apes to death and stomp them. WMV 2.50MB

[Killing Walter in the Forest]
I kill Walter with "Ready to Rokk" playing. WMV 7.61MB

[Weird Ghost Glitch]
The ghost is glitched out and wandering around for no reason. WMV 1.46MB

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