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"Okay, I will. I love you too, dad."

Heather smiled to herself.
It was just a nice little chat on the phone.
Just another everyday occurrence in her tranquil life.
She was unaware that this tranquil world was about to be torn asunder.

I t happened suddenly, without warning, and seemingly without reason. The simple happiness she had known was gone.Her entire world was transformed into a grotesque and bizarre nightmare... She was caught in the middle.

The cheerful weekend bustle of the shopping mall was replaced by a deep, ominous silence. The only sounds now were the footsteps of unspeakable creatures, lurking in the darkness. What had happened? She needed to know. But there was no one left to tell her.

Heather was trapped alone in a deranged world, with nothing to do but escape. Not knowing where to turn, her only thought was of survival. She clutched her pistol tightly, ready to shoot anything that tried to attack...

"They've come to witness the Beginning. The rebirth of Paradise, despoiled by mankind".

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AGE: 17

Job: Various part-time work
The heroine of this story. Just an ordinary girl, with a bit of a sharp tongue and quick temper. On a typical Sunday she went shopping to the local mall, and stepped without warning, into a world of nightmares. Terrified of the bizarre situation she finds herself in, she nonetheless has the courage to fight back and survive..
AGE: Late 50's

Job: Private Detective
A middle-aged detective. For some unknown reason he was following Heather through the mall, when he found himself caught up in the same nightmarish world. Will he prove to be an ally to Heather? Or is he her enemy?
Age: 29
A mysterious woman who Heather meets in the distorted shopping mall. She slips through the darkness, leaving behind words fraught with hidden meaning. Could there be some kind of connection between her and the strange apparitions that menace Heather?
Age: 24-26
Little is known about this handsome but mysterious stranger. Who is he? Where does he come from? And why is it Heather continues to bump into him as she struggles her way through Silent Hill?
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Age: 17 (24)
Her father Harry Mason was given this child 17 years prior to the game. He raised her on his own, the same way he raised his beloved Cheryl. A cult member tried to abduct Heather while at a young age, so Harry moved and got a name change for his daughter's safety. Heather is a reincarnation of Alessa and Cheryl's souls. She starts to remember her past as the game progresses and discovers that she has had the fetus of God inside her, incubating her anger and hate, the entire time.
AGE: "50-something-years-old"

Job: Private Detective
Douglas is a private detective hired by Claudia Wolfe to find her missing child, Heather. Turns out it was all a lie and Douglas was played. He got himself caught up in something he had no part in.

As a side note, he had a son that got killed robbing a bank and he feels it was his fault because "maybe his pop was a penny-less, good-for-nothin'."
Claudia Wolfe
Age: 29

Job: Priestess of a religious cult
Claudia is lead cult member and wants their God to be born for a paradise on Earth. In order to do that, Claudia needs Heather as she carries the demon God in her womb. Claudia heads to Heather's hometown to nurture the fetus inside her and put hatred into Heather's heart. Claudia has sorceress abilities as she seems to be able to call upon Valitel and other demons to do her bidding, like when she had Heather's father killed. Claudia beckons Heather to return to Silent Hill with revenge as her main motivator. Claudia's exuberant behavior in the church frightens some followers.
Age: 24-26

Job: Priest of a religious cult
Vincent is the head of the cult, and owns the church. His plans differ drastically from Claudia's. Claudia wants to birth God, but Vincent does not. He is happy living off of donations from the cult, and would like to use Claudia's and Heather's powers as a demonstration to the cult to draw in more members and money. He tries to befriend Heather so that he can get her to stop Claudia in her plans of resurrecting God.
Leonard Wolfe
Age: Unknown

Job: Cult extremist
Relation: Claudia's father
The first time you hear from him is through a phone call in one of the hospital rooms. Thinking Heather is Claudia, you can hear his crazed extremist nature and his distaste for his own daughter and her plans. He seems to have strict religious views, but he seems to think Claudia took it too far and apparently some followers of the religion as well. He offers the seal to stop Claudia after a battle.
Stanley Coleman
Age: Unknown

Job: Patient of Brookhaven Hospital
Stanley seems to stalk Heather for the duration of her stay in the hospital. He is never seen, but is always one step ahead of Heather, leaving love notes accompanied by hand-made dolls. Heather comments that she used to play with dolls similar. As his entries go on, you start to see a crazier side to him - Obsessive and violent, even goes as far as detailing how he wants to mutilate Heather lovingly. We find out later that Stanley was killed (presumably by Leonard), on stretcher #7 in 3rd floor basement. you can hear his last breaths as you walk by.
Patient of Brookhaven Hospital
Information: Unknown
This random patient of the hospital is not Vincent, Leonard, or Stanley. He is a follower of Leonard's teachings inside the hospital. That's how he knows so much about Heather's prior ages and her relevance to the cult's beliefs. He knows that from her first incarnation she is 31 years old as Alessa, her second incarnation she'd be 24 as Cheryl. But he doesn't mention her true physical age of 17.
Harry Mason
Age: 49

Harry Mason was an author and went through a lot raising Heather as a single father. After receiving Heather as a baby from a dying Alessa, he ran out of town and started anew. After an incident where a cult member tried to abduct Heather, he shot the person and fled to another town, changing their last names to protect Heather. He raised her for 17 years until he finally succumbed to a demon summoned by the cult. Heather discovers this and vows revenge.
Confessional Booth Lady

Who is it?: (Controversial) Possible memory of Dahlia Gillespie

This strange lady seems to be asking God for forgiveness because of her "wicked act of revenge" and wants her daughter's soul delivered. She also begs forgiveness for the poor girl who's life she had taken.

This lady here is supposed to be Dahlia Gillespie before the final scene in SH1. In a way she is asking her own daughter for forgiveness of what she did 17 years back, of killing Cheryl to reunite Alessa's soul, then using her to both their demise.

Lady on the tape

Who is it? A cult member
A cult member who does not have the facts straight of the events of Silent Hill 1. The conversation shows how details in history get twisted over time. She seems to have been with the religion for a while.

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