Disc 1
73 Minutes, SEEMLESS transitions

Track 01. A Safe Place 3:22
Track 02. As the Sun Drowns 4:06
Track 03. The Hunger Sets In 2:25
Track 04. Born Dead 3:41
Track 05. Screams Within Purgatory 5:06
Track 06. Silence Before the Storm 0:30
Track 07. Cannot Escape 4:00
Track 08. Endless Torment 5:39
Track 09. Compulsive 0:51
Track 10. Long Forgotten 4:36
Track 11. From Below 3:05
Track 12. Condemned 3:10
Track 13. Unsettled Business 4:56
Track 14. Ring, Spike, and Bay 3:06
Track 15. Speak No Evil 1:16
Track 16. See No Evil 4:56
Track 17. Hear No Evil2:15
Track 18. Disturbance in the Night 2:43
Track 19. Heads No. 1 3:20
Track 20. Life 4:55
Track 21. Rain of Brass Pedals (Three Voices Edit) 5:01


Disc 2
70 Minutes and 56 Seconds, SEEMLESS transitions

01. By Virtue We Escaped Together 5:17
02. Saturated Shield 2:06
03. Pipes and Machines 3:29
04. Cardiovascular 5:18
05. Desperation 3:26
06. Out of the Mirror 3:13
07. Gear, Wolf, and Beam 2:58
08. Mall Flashback 4:08
09. Distant Advocates 2:36
10. Mind Trap of Commotion 3:05
11. Absorbed by Red :35
12. Hellish Discord 3:08
13. The Living Must... 1:36
14. Mind Trap of Tongue 2:18
15. Memory of Alessa 3:58
16. The Secret Chapel 3:18
17. Visionary Temple of Beasts 5:04
18. Approach With Caution 3:30
19. It May Already Be Too Late 2:05
20. Flames and Tears (...When Angels Weep) 5:06
21. Silent Hill No Uta 4:42



There were only two songs I missed. Feel free to download these and add them to your collection.


How I made the SH3 Complete Soundtrack:
I used my Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 optical light port to record audio into a digital mixer built into my computer (best quality). I also combined songs I found ripped off of the disc, that weren't used or found in the game. I used Cool Edit Pro 2.1 to edit and used WAVs for raw uncompressed format. I would record each individual song and edit the songs to flow together professionally. It was mostly a pain in the arse because when you pause the game the music would continue to play, so I could record, but unfortunately the sound effects continue too. So I would have to go through each area and kill every enemy I see, then pause and record immediately after.

Song "variations" altogether recorded to make this soundtrack?
There were 15 variations of music in the Sewers (Unknown Platform) alone. That had to be the worst part (it all ended up in track 10). I recorded over 130 music files for this soundtrack. 02/01/2013 For the first time ever, I am offering all the music files I have left over all these years in an archive
, it contains over 70 songs in 192kbps MP3 format and it is 252MB large. [DOWNLOAD ARCHIVE]

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