As written in the game manual.
James Sunderland
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Protagonist
Three years ago, his beloved wife, Mary, became seriously ill and passed away. James was wasting away in empty, lifeless days of mourning, when a strange letter arrived. The name of the sender was Mary Shepard-Sunderland, his late wife. The cryptic letter beckoned him to meet her in Silent Hill, a town that once held a great meaning for the couple. Although he firmly believes his wife is not alive, James questions the origins of the letter and is determined to find the truth by returning to Silent Hill.
Mary Shepard-Sunderland
Written by Fungo:
Mary is James' wife who died two years prior to the game. They visited Silent Hill on vacation and stayed in the Lakeview Hotel.
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
On the surface, Maria looks exactly like James' late wife, however Maria's hairstyle and taste in clothing are completely different. Her personality, cheerful and energetic, is also the exact opposite of Mary's. When James first meets Maria, he is shocked by the resemblances as well as the intimacy of their conversation, as if they had known each other for years. After learning of his purpose in Silent Hill, Maria is interested in his search for Mary and decides to accompany him.
Angela Orosco
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
James first meets her in a cemetery and from the beginning there is something shadowy about her. Ever since childhood, she was convinced that she would never be happy. She ran away from home shortly after graduating from High School, but her father found her and dragged her back home. She ran away from home again, this time to Silent Hill, but now she is lost.
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
A stubborn, bratty, little girl who does whatever she wants and suddenly goes on her way. She crosses James' path throughout his search and seems to know more about Mary than what she reveals. Coincidentally, she was a patient in the same hospital as Mary and they became very close. Mary loved her as her own daughter. Perhaps she holds the truth that James is seeking.
Eddie Dombrowski
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Eddie is a simple-minded, clumsy and useless man who is deeply terrified of getting hurt. He has a gentle, quiet personality, but also possesses another side that he cannot control when angered. What is his purpose in Silent Hill?
Red Pyramid Thing
Written by Fungo:
A monster that always seems to be present when James is around. This is due to the fact that this creature is actually derived from James' subconscious and is there to punish James.

As written in the game manual.
Three years ago, James Sunderland's wife became seriously ill and passed away. James tried to pull himself together and resume his life after the loss but struggled to get back on his feet. the emotional pain and emptiness left James in a constant state of mourning.

then one day, a cryptic letter arrives signed by Mary, the same name as his late wife. In the letter, Mary writes "Silent Hill, our sanctuary of memories... I will be waiting for you there." James is confused and disturbed by the letter. He questions if Mary is still alive or if someone is playing a hoax on him.

"I still don't believe it. The dead can't send letters, yet I came here to see my Mary..."

"Our special place - What does that mean? this place is too full of memories..."

Shrouded in mystery and driven by the desire to uncover the truth, James sets off into the world of Silent Hill.

As the fog grows thicker, James realizes that the town is nearby.

"The only way to get to the center of town is through the tunnel, but there must have been an accident or something because the entrance is blocked."

"But wait..."

"The map shows a single road through the forest that leads to the town. Looks like the only way to get to the town is to take this road on foot."

"I can't see anyone in this thick fog, or should I say I don't feel anyone."

"I see a run-down building nearby."

"There's no one inside. I am alone in the mirror's reflection."

"I look at the man in the mirror and mutter a question..."

"Mary... could you really be in this town?"

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