- - - >>ENEMIES<<

Being the first and most abundant monster you encounter in the game, it is fairly easy to get past (and run right by). It is slow and awkward moving, but when you get to close it'll spray a mist in which will damage you slightly. If you manage to find (or battle one) to the ground it will screech and crawl away at fast speeds. It can damage you slightly if you walk into its path, while the creature is on the ground.

Standing motionless in the streets and apartments, you will be fooled. You will first encounter one in the Wood Side Apartment. The second you come too close to one of these, they will spring to life, usually attacking you instantly. They are usually slow at moving and attacking, but be careful when trying to run by them as they can sneak a quick attack.

Simple cockroach, and usually nothing to worry about. They have great stamina and are faster than you, but they don't deal much damage at all. They are worst when in tightly enclosed spaces, such as the apartment, because they can trap you in a corner of a hall and attack you mercilessly until you die. These creatures are better to step on, than waste your ammo. But if you have to -- shoot them. Don't bother with melee weapons as they cannot reach.

Brookhaven Hospital is where you will first set eyes on these faceless creatures. They carry lead pipes and are very powerful. They cannot be fooled easy, so you cannot run by them without getting attacked (with your flashlight on anyway). They have moderate stamina and will hunt you down. Avoid confrontations with 2 or more of these creatures in an enclosed area as they will pummel you effortlessly.

You do not see many of these monsters in the game, but they are usually found hanging beneath you from grating. They swing forward using their large arms and attack your feet using long spikes that jitter out from the "mouth-like" ends of their arms. They deal moderate damage, so it is good to keep moving when one is below you. You can shoot them down, but they simply fall and disappear. What good is shooting them when you can run by them anyway?

Found in both North and South cell blocks of Toluca Prison. They are INVISIBLE and do not attack you, as they are behind bars. You will know you are at the right cell when James looks up. As you near the cell that the monster is in, you will hear the thud of footsteps and it speaking "RITARU" - perhaps it is saying "Ritual" with a Japanese accent? It can be attacked with a weapon (pools of blood will appear) and it can be killed (it'll make a scream similar to a human).

This creature does first show up as a boss, but it will populate the hotel afterwards. Its symbolism seems to portray that of a human figure over another, smaller, indistinguishable figure on a bed-like frame. Most of the time you will see these lumbering about, but if you get in the way it will stand up and suffocate you with a great deal of damage. Try to avoid these creatures.
- - - >>BOSSES<<


He is an executioner and either carries a spear or Great Knife. You will encounter him many times through the game as a boss or in the labyrinth. He seems to enjoy bringing suffering to everyone (especially monsters) in the form of rape, skewering, or strangling. When he has his spear he will impale you with great damage. When he has his knife, he can do an overhead one-hit-kill, or swipe you with his knife for a lot of damage.

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Encountered in the hospital, these seem to resemble a human in a box structure. They will glide along the ceiling and chase you. It has two main attacks: it will attack from afar with a leap and "kick" you or it will attempt to strangle you if you are directly below it. If you are caught in a stranglehold, try to get free as soon as possible because if you are low on health, the flesh lips will take you up into the ceiling with them, thus "game over."

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Its symbolism seems to portray that of a human figure over another, smaller, indistinguishable figure on a bed-like frame. During the boss fight, this creature will stand on two legs to covers your head and suffocate you and that is its only attack move. It will deal a lot of damage so use your rifle or shotgun to take it out.

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Never did you think you have to go mano y mano with this guy, but like it or not, he thinks you're making fun of him and doesn't tolerate that from anyone. He will fill you full of holes with his handgun from long range, or beat you up with his fists.

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Can it be that James finally found who he was looking for? Well, not the way he hoped. She looks and moves similar to the Flesh Lips, but has many attack strategies. She can command a swarm of moths to attack you, lash at you with a tentacle, or use that tentacle to grab your throat and suffocate you. Better have some good weapons at your disposal!

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