This Complete Soundtrack has every ambient song in the game! 30 tracks, and 79:31 minutes of run time. All are composed by Akira Yamaoka and Mastered by me, Fungo. This is in no way official or at all done by Konami.  This is just a fan compiled soundtrack.


Below is a collection of all the music I missed and never made it to the Complete Soundtrack.  I'm gonna add it here so that you can further complete your collection.

When you encounter an enemy in the prison.
Plays in the Historical Society Painting Room.
In the room where the flashlight goes out.

How I made the SH2 Complete Soundtrack:
The Silent Hill 2 Complete Soundtrack was pretty easy. I record the music in-game through the PS2's high quality Optical Light sound output to a digital mixer. I record them all into WAVS at the highest possible quality. I record each individual "variation" by pausing the game and waiting 5 minutes. A certain area can have up to 11 "variations" in the music, so I record each into 11 separate 5 minute files, then after all the recording is done, I take each file and mix them together using Cool Edit Pro 2 to master the track perfectly. Mastering the album as a whole, making the music seem seamless (no breaks or pause between tracks) is a bit hard (I usually do this at the end of all the recording and mastering). Note: I do not play the game while recording this soundtrack because the sound effects can be turned down, but not turned off, so it ruins the quality of the soundtrack, and I do not think it is acceptable when other people recording their "own" complete soundtracks have the sound effects of them running and smashing demon dogs in the face with axes; it just shows laziness. There are many songs, in the SH2 soundtrack that are only active against a certain door, or in a certain hidden area, so scouting out those spots where the music would change was kind of hard. I believe that my Complete Soundtracks are the best, and I stand by that. Not only have I put countless hours upon hours into it, but I also used some expertise of mine to edit and master each "variation" individually (which is really hard work and gets very sickening). But I love doing it. Thanks for caring.

Song "variations" altogether recorded to make this soundtrack?
There were a little over 120 variations which were edited into the 30 tracks available. That makes 4 different song variations per track on average.

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