As written in the game manual.
The resort town of Silent Hill slips into quiet desolation, now that the peak of development and growth has passed by. the memories of a tragic fire 7 years ago still haunt the townsfolk, and with the tourist season long past, there is hardly a shadow stirring.

Harry Mason prefers to take late vacations with his daughter Cheryl. this year they've made plans to visit Silent Hill. Due to car trouble, they reach the outskirts of town late at night. cheryl is sleeping in the back seat as a motorcycle cop roars past his truck.

Moments later Harry spots the motorcycle dumped on the shoulder. there is no one to be seen. It paints an ominous picture. Suddenly, a shadow appears in front of the car.

Harry turns the wheel in panic. The car slides off the edge of the road and into a gully.

Harry eventually regains
consciousness. cheryl is nowhere to be seen. It is unusually cold. snow is falling out of season. where has Cheryl disappeared to?

Harry walks toward a town he sees in the distance.

Through analyzing the opening cinematic by Fungo.
The opening cinematic tells a short story. Spoiler warning.

“A fear of blood tends to create a fear for the flesh.”
These words appear along with a photo of a girl we have come to know as Alessa Gillespie. We then see a quick scene of Harry Mason and his now-deceased wife holding a baby they found in Silent Hill, in a cemetery, no less. This scene creates a back story for what happens seven years later.

Harry Mason is driving on the interstate towards Silent hill, his adopted daughter, Cheryl, fast asleep with her “Drawing Block” held close to her.

We then see a scene of Alessa's physical form – she is covered in bandages and still looks like she is recovering. Alessa props herself up into a sitting position.

A motorcycle policewoman, Cybil Bennet, pulls up behind Harry's vehicle. Just moments earlier, Cybil received an urgent call to investigate Silent Hill in which she quickly responded to, hence being behind Harry's vehicle.

There is a scene of Lisa Garland in an argument with Dr. Michael Kaufmann over drugs, Alessa, or whatever it may be (unclear).

Cheryl stirs and awakes with a bright smile as Cybil, the policewoman, passes Harry's vehicle. Cybil briefly slows and looks over at Harry, but then speeds off ahead of him into the distance.

Lisa is having a quick laugh while in the hospital, for reasons unknown.

Moments later, Harry notices Cybil's motorcycle is crashed on the side of the road, but there is no one in sight.

In the next scene, we see Dahlia Gillespie running from something in which she turns back to see – is it a fire she started seven years ago to make her daughter, Alessa, nothing more than a burned husk? Then, it shows Dahlia's old house, in peak condition, before the fire.

As if distracted by the crashed motorcycle, Harry is startled by a shadowy figure of Alessa's conjured form in the middle of the road. He swerves off to the side of the road, barely missing Alessa, and crashes through the side-barrier, blacking out. Harry winds up on Bachman Road in Silent Hill where his nightmare will begin.

Possible spoilers.

Harry Mason
Age 32
As written in the game manual:
Losing his wife to disease has left a shadow over his soul. His daughter is the only bright spot left in his life. He goes to Silent Hill to go on vacation with his daughter, to be mired in bizarre events. That was the beginning of this tale, or was it predetermined somehow? That's a truth that Harry has yet to discover.
Cheryl Mason
Age 7
Harry's daughter
As written in the game manual:
She lost her mother at a young age and lives with her father. A gentle, normal child, she goes on vacation with her father to Silent Hill. However, an unimaginable event is waiting to unfold.

Cybil Bennet
Age 22
Police officer
As written in the game manual:
She is an officer that patrols near Silent Hill. a sudden call causes her to investigate Silent Hill. She is faithful to her duties and investigates Silent Hill on her own.
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Alessa Gillespie
Age 14
Burn victim
As written in the game manual:
Harry runs across this mysterious girl several times.Who or what is she?

She was planned as a vessel for the secret cult's God, but a boiler explosion in her home during a ritual allowed for half her power to escape, leaving her burned and unable to give birth to the God.
Lisa Garland
Age 23
Lisa was Alessa's attending nurse in the basement of Alchemilla for an unknown period of time. She seems quite timid and afraid of the looming and ever-present nightmare that engulfs her. Perhaps she is only a memory of Alessa's?
Dahlia Gillespie
Age ??
Cult member
Dahlia Gillespie is a part of a secret cult that has sought to birth God through the use of her daughter Alessa, but an accidental boiler explosion in their home after the impregnation stopped the ceremony short and allowed for half of Alessa's soul to escape.
Dr. Michael Kaufmann
Age 50's
Cult member and drug dealer.
A cold man who seems to just begin seeing the town's monsters around the same time as you. He always seems to have a briefcase, which is possibly filled with drugs. He is a cult member and dealer of the drug White Claudia, a popular hallucinogenic used during the cult's ceremonies in which he is greatly involved.
Mrs. Mason
Age ??
Harry's wife
Not much is known about her other than that she discovered Cheryl with Harry while visiting Silent Hill. She died three years prior to the start of the game.

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