Cafe, Bird flies by window - 211KB, WMV
Apparition in school - 1.14MB, WMV
Moth Boss Fight - 4.50MB, WMV
Alessa's ghost in Nowhere - 274kb, WMV

Glitch, Amusement Park HQ - 811KB, WMV
When you use the aglaophotis on the invisible demon in the amusement park, mysterious things happen. These videos are of the same glitch, though both are slightly different. Using this glitch, you skip the Cybil fight entirely.

Apparition lost and confused - 524kb, WMV
In the amusement park, I somehow got an apparition to follow me to the gate leading to the merry-go-round. It just kept circling me. Somewhat interesting.

Roach in school, eating Harry's leg - 1.37mb, WMV
Self-explanatory, a roach gets stuck in the cutscene with Harry and sits therre gobbling on his leg until the cutscene is over.

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