The Silent Hill Complete Soundtrack was ripped through an optical cord and was converted into 192kb mp3 format. This is the highest quality format I have maintained over all these years. All contents of this soundtrack were composed by Akira Yamaoka and mastered by Fungo. There are 44 tracks and 135 minutes of audio. This is in no way official or at all authorized by Konami.  This is a fan compiled soundtrack of in-game music.


Below is a collection of all the music I missed and never made it to the Complete Soundtrack. Feel free to download and add to your collection.

This plays before Lisa's death in Nowhere.
This is another song that plays only when Kaufmann is present.
This is a variation of the final boss music, one that I missed.

How I made the SH1 Complete Soundtrack:
This soundtrack wasn't too hard to make (and it was slightly more fun than the others). I got to play the game while I recorded. If you turn off SFX in options, it turns off all sounds completely, so every part of the soundtrack I was playing the game. Most part of the game where I recorded I couldn't go far for long, so I'd stay in the same area, just running around and dodging enemies (the sewers was the worst x_x). I must say though, this was the most enjoyable of the Complete Soundtracks I have done so far. I recorded this soundtrack with Optical sound through a digital mixer from the PS2 (composite gives me a buzzing sound in the audio; I don't like it). I record many, many variations in the music and edit it all together after hours of recording. I take all the tracks in a particular area, then edit it into one or two tracks. This soundtrack is supposed to just be a complete "ambient" soundtrack with stuff not found in the Official one. This is in no way official or endorsed by Konami. I have recorded and edited and mastered every second of this soundtrack. All credits go to Akira Yamaoka for the music and Fungo for the mastering. I had to record 160 different songs and variations in order to make this soundtrack.

02/01/2013 For the first time ever I am offering each and every one of those songs for download in the following archive: DOWNLOAD ENTIRE ARCHIVE. 424MB

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