AUG 14TH, 2016


>> AUG 13-14
Three years later and I decided it was time to fix the download sections of the Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 movies by fixing links and adding torrents and new renders of the SD and HD files. Go check out each section. SH2 The Movie and SH3 The Movie!
Also implemented a new mail system to contact me. Removed donations.

>> MAY 21
The Real Silent Hill Experience Documentary Part 15: Downpour Review is ONLINE!

>> FEB 1

Added entire archives of SH1's MUSIC.
Added entire archives of SH1's Complete Soundtrack in MP3 format.
Added entire archives of SH3's MUSIC.
Added entire archives of SH3's Complete Soundtrack in MP3 and WAV formats.

>> JAN 24

Happy new year! With it I bring the best HD-quality version of SH2 The Movie to download. It's still not perfect, but it's the best available unless I decide to redo the entire movie from scratch, Download it HERE!

>> SEP 19

Added a new Silent Hill inspired album by Yoshimasu Kamiya HERE.

>> JUL 12

Silent Hill 3: The Movie is online! Watch here!

>> JUL 10

Upload of SH3 The Movie started!

>> JUL 8

Upload of SH3 The Movie failed, so starting over tomorrow.

>> JUL 6

New section devoted to SH3 TM HERE.

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